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The first open world brawler in web3gaming

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Welcome to the realm of cutting-edge web3 gaming where your skills, social connections, and creativity hold real value! Our team's background is diverse and successful, hailing from major web2 publishers like Scopely Games to web3 champions like Vulcan Forged. We are pioneers in crafting captivating on and off-chain games that unite millions of players worldwide. Let us share with you our mission, vision, and values.


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Mazuri's mission, vision, and values in blockchain game development


Mazuri is combining the best of web2 and web3: allowing players the option to earn from their skills, socialize and to build the world of Mazuri City as it grows organically. Players can put in effort, token, or both to create their own stories which will have real impact on their lives.


Every player competes with one another, either alone or with a team, in order to create value out of their time spent fighing in Mazuri City. The value of becoming Mazuri City's champion is already becoming a real vision. (Check out our Telegram channel for more info on current champions!)


The team behind Mazuri values time and passion. We aspire toward a global and diverse playerbase which allows us all to create and drive our own unique stories. We believe that each player is an infinite resource of content and stories to be told to others. We want to give opportunities for the creation of such stories, in the enviornment of epic blockhain battles.

Backed by Real Industry Experience

Scopely Games, Vulcan Forged, and any other team the developers have worked with relevant to blockchain gaming

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